Don’t Worry. Pray!

manpraying2Prayer is vital for growth in the Christian life. It is our way to communicate with God, expressing our heart to Him and listening to Him. Prayer reminds me of my dependence on Him and my need for Him. I acknowledge I need Him and can’t do life on my own when I turn to God in prayer.

I was spending time recently in Philippians 4:6-7 and God showed me some principles of prayer from this passage. “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”


1. Don’t be anxious about anything. God knows what He’s doing, and being worried or anxious about it is not going to change it. My natural tendency is to worry about things out of my control, but God doesn’t want me to be anxious about anything. Instead, He wants me to look to Him.

2. Pray about everything. There is nothing too great or too small to pray about. Take everything to Him in prayer and let God address your prayers in His way and in His timing.

3. Always include thanksgiving in your prayers. Give thanks even when you don’t understand what God is doing. Give thanks even when it seems as if God is not answering your prayers. He is working things out according to His purpose. We can thank Him that He is in control of everything going on.

4. Tell God what you want. Be honest with Him, share what’s on your heart, but leave those things in the open palm of your hand, trusting Him to answer according to His bigger plan and purpose.

5. Embrace the peace that results from prayer. God doesn’t promise to answer every prayer the way we want Him to, but He promises peace as we come to Him and pour out our hearts.

Don’t neglect the power of prayer. Yes, God knows what is on our hearts before we come to Him, but by coming to Him, we acknowledge our dependence on Him. The next time you find yourself anxious or worried about something, turn to Him in prayer. Experience His peace which surpasses all comprehension.

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