Vickie Kraft

This past Tuesday, heaven gained the soul of a precious saint. Vickie Kraft was one of my mentors when I lived in Dallas and an integral part of my coming to Memphis as the Women’s Ministry Director. I am saddened by our loss of Vickie but thrilled for her and what she is experiencing now face to face with our Savior. I am looking forward to joining with others this weekend in Dallas as we celebrate her life and legacy.

In honor of Vickie, I want to share some of the lessons God taught me through Vickie’s life.

You’re never too old to invest in the life of others.

Vickie was the Women’s Ministry Director at Northwest Bible Church in Dallas for many years. But when she retired, she didn’t retire from ministry. She continued to invest in the lives of younger women and still traveled to speak and disciple others. She was always pouring into someone’s life. She even led a Bible study for young moms at 6:15 in the morning. No sleeping in for this retiree!

Love God’s Word and apply it. 

Vickie was an excellent Bible teacher, bringing God’s truth down to personal principles that we need to apply in our lives. Vickie loved God’s Word and always taught from her personal life. She was a godly example to me of how to teach God’s Word. She even critiqued my teaching and helped me develop as a Bible teacher.

It’s okay to say what you think. 

Vickie was never shy about speaking her mind, and I loved that about her. I never had to wonder what Vickie was thinking. I remember when I introduced myself to her as “Crickett,” her response was, “Surely your mother didn’t name you that!” I loved her authenticity and genuineness, and her willingness to speak what she really thought and not tiptoe around issues the rest of us would avoid.

Most of all, Vickie taught me to love my Savior. 

She always pointed me to the Lord in every situation I faced. She would remind me that He has everything under control and He is enough for me. She seemed to always say just the thing I needed to hear at that time.

Vickie has left behind a godly legacy – not just with her family, but with her family in Christ. She has impacted women of all ages all over the world. We will miss her greatly but look forward to reuniting with her around His throne.

Vickie taught me to make my life count for eternity. Her homegoing has made me consider once again, what kind of legacy am I leaving behind? That’s a good question for all of us to consider while we still have time left on this earth. Vickie may not be with us physically, but her legacy continues through the many lives she touched. We love her.

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