Feasting on God’s Word

Feasting on God's Word

I finally gave in last week and bought a bird feeder. I have lots of birds in my backyard, and even had a new family with little “birdlets” this past spring. The cats and I loved watching them come up on the patio and peck for food.

Last week I decided it was time to buy a bird feeder and provide extra nourishment for these beautiful birds. So off to Lowe’s I went, excited to embark on this new journey! I couldn’t wait to get home and fill the feeder with “Welcome Food.”

I hung the feeder on the patio and expectantly watched for the birds to flock to it and partake in this delightful feast. I waited . . . and I waited . . . and I waited. . .

I have yet to see a bird come to the feeder, and it’s now been exactly one week. As I think about it, I haven’t seen any birds this past week anywhere in my backyard. Maybe they’ve all left to fly south, or a neighbor’s food is much more enticing. That bird feeder, filled with delicious (and nourishing) bird feed, has sat untouched since I hung it a week ago.

This morning as I was having my quiet time, I actually saw a cardinal and a blue jay in my backyard. “Finally! Word has gotten out that I’ve got free food for them!” But I waited and watched. The birds never came close to the feeder.

As I pondered this situation and my disappointment, I thought about how God must be disappointed when He offers us food (His Word) that will nourish and satisfy us, but we don’t feast on it. We either ignore it, or glance at it and move on, or we’ve feasted on something less satisfying and aren’t hungry for His food.

It was a good reminder to me this morning as I looked with anticipation at the bird feeder, waiting for the birds to come, only to be disappointed as it hung there untouched. I don’t want to disappoint God each morning as He eagerly waits for me to meet with Him and feast on His Word.

“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst.’” —John 6:35

What makes you hungry for God’s Word?

(And if you have any tips for attracting birds to a bird feeder, please share them!)


  1. Crickett – what a beautiful picture you painted here. I have learned I can’t live without a word from the Word each day. I know how needy I am for wisdom in my life season and rely on God’s promises to see each day through in obedience to my responsibilities but with His confidence. He has seen me through difficult times – what draws me? He has always lived up to His character.

    • Marilyn, thank you for sharing. I’m like you, I can’t live without His Word each day. And I love your answer to what draws you to His Word – His faithfulness. Yes!

  2. What a beautiful reminder, Crickett. I’m no bird expert but it seems like it took a while for our birds to find the feeders. Unfortunately, so did the bears so we’ve not had a feeder out all summer. 🙁

  3. Cathy, thankfully I don’t have bears in my neighborhood :). I got my hopes up yesterday because the birds were back in the yard, but they still wouldn’t come close to the feeder. Oh, well, it served as a good reminder to me yesterday of how I don’t want to ignore God’s food for me.

  4. I come from a long line of birdwatchers, and in my experience it can take 2 weeks or more for birds to find a new feeder, especially if it is close to the house, as yours appears to be. So just be patient and I’m sure the birds will show up. I would recommend either safflower seed (which does not attract squirrels!) or black oil sunflower seed rather than mixed seed. Late summer can be a slow season since many plants have reached the seed stage and there’s lots of food available just naturally in the environment, plus nesting season when babies are being fed is mostly over. It won’t be long now til migratory season begins when you may be rewarded by seeing some beautiful and interesting birds on their way south, species you wouldn’t normally see. So hang in there!

    now to answer your question…what makes me hungry for the Word? Both joys and trials of life dive me to the Word,..to help frame both my praise and my dismay. Confusing situations, loneliness, grief, and conflict drive me to the Word. In addition, time in the Word always raises more questions that lure me back again to seek answers. And I might add, habit! In the physical realm, we tend to get hungry at the time we are used to having a meal, so i think it works the same way in the spiritual realm.

  5. Carolyn, I had no idea you were an expert on birds! Thank you for sharing this info. I’m hanging in there, waiting for the birds. This morning, I actually hear one singing outside, but no sighting. And I love your thoughts on what makes you hungry for God’s Word. Amen and amen to everything you said – I couldn’t have said it better.

  6. This morning I found your email on BECAUSE HE LIVES and was blessed by your thoughts and the song. Thanks. Also read your blog on Feeding on God’s Word which reminded me of 1 Peter 2:1-2. If we aren’t hungry for God’s Word maybe we haven’t heeded Peter’s admonition to “put away all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander.Like newborn infants, LONG for the pure spiritual milk…” Until we do that I guess we just aren’t hungry! And I hope those Memphis birds have found your feeder and are enjoying the feast you have for them!!!
    As you know, I’ve been a part of Dianne’s group studying “On Bended Knee” and I can honestly say that it’s been one of the best studies I’ve ever done in that the questions you present are the ones that come to my own mind as I study. Some studies I’ve done are more like “filling in the blanks” with answers to questions that authors have thought of but not ones that come to my own mind or heart making those studies less rich. So thank you for writing the study which has blessed me richly as I’ve carried around the truth of God’s Word in my heart and mind each day as I’ve closed my book but opened my heart to truth.
    Have a blessed Easter! He is RISEN!!!
    Love to you, Kathy

    • Thank you, Kathy, for these encouraging words! And yes, the birds finally found the feeder 🙂 . Thanks for sharing!

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