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One of the things I love about my job as the Women’s Ministry Director is writing the Bible studies for my women. Here are a few that are available for personal Bible study or with a small group or larger ministry. You can find them all on Crickett Keeth’s Author Page on Amazon or by clicking on the blue button.


Does your prayer life feel stale and more like a ritual than a relationship?

Breathe fresh life into your relationship with God by studying how people in the Bible prayed in this new 8-week Bible study! What can the prayers of eight biblical characters teach us about our own relationship with God? Discover for yourself in this new Bible Study from Cricket Keeth.


Are you worn out and in need of rest?

It seems we’re all running on empty, in danger of burning out. Surely, that’s not God’s plan for our lives. Is it possible to find rest in these times when life seems to get busier day by day and the demands of life increase by the minute? The Gift of Rest addresses these questions and looks at God’s perspective of rest from Genesis through Revelation.


If Jesus were to write a letter to you today, what would He say?

Sumatra with the Seven Churches takes an in-depth look at the letters Jesus sent to the seven churches of Revelation. As you study these letters, you will come away with lessons for life today as you see what pleases God, what disappoints Him, and how He wants His people to live in all ages.

A JOURNEY OF FAITH: A Study of the Life of Moses

Do you feel inadequate or discouraged because of a past failure? 

The Life of Moses is a great example of how God works through imperfect, ordinary people to do extraordinary things for God’s glory. As we journey through Moses, we will be encouraged to walk by faith as God leads us on our own journey.

BY FAITH ALONE: A Study on the Characters of Hebrews 11

It’s hard to walk by faith, but God gave us examples of godly men and women who did walk by faith. We find these examples listed in Hebrews 11. This study looks at the characters in Hebrews 11 from the Book of Genesis. They had challenges, but each one overcame those challenges by faith alone in God.

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