Do you want to build your spiritual toolbox?

Download the resources below to help you grow in your own spiritual walk as well as help you spur others on to passionately pursue Jesus Christ.


Answering Difficult Questions:
How Could A Loving God Send Anyone to Hell? 

Basic Follow-up:
Assurance of Salvation Bible Study
Assurance of Salvation Handout
Assurance of Forgiveness Bible Study
Assurance of Forgiveness Handout
The Spirit-Filled Life Bible Study
The Spirit-Filled Life Handout
Growth in the Christian Life Bible Study
Growth in the Christian Life Handout

Bible Study:
How To Do A Character Study


Decision Making:
Gray Areas Worksheet
Decision-making Worksheet

Evangelistic Bible Studies:
EBS 1 – The Most Important Question
EBS 2 – How Great is Your Faith
EBS 3 – What is Your Response
EBS 4 – Jesus’ Last Night
EBS 5 – The Trials
EBS 6 – The Crucifixion
EBS 7 – The Resurrection

Personal Development:
Shape Worksheet

Personal Testimony:
Personal Testimony Worksheet
An Example Paul’s Personal Testimony

Quiet Time with God:
Walking Through the Tabernacle
How to Spend Time Alone With God

Time Management:
How to Manage Your Time Bible Study
Week At a Glance Worksheet
Time Management Worksheet

Building Your Spiritual Toolbox: (Vol. 1) Laying the Foundation

Book 1 lays the foundation for the Christian life – assurance of salvation, assurance of forgiveness, how to draw from the power of the Holy Spirit,,how to grow in Christ, how to spend time alone with God, how to study the Bible, how to develop your SHAPE, and how to share your faith.


Building Your Spiritual Toolbox (Vol. 2): Building on the Foundation

Book 2 builds on that foundation and helps you in personal development and growth in the Christian life–managing your time, dealing with spiritual warfare, making wise decisions, doing a character study, dealing with tough issues,  developing a personal mission statement, and tracing God’s hand through your life story.


Building Your Spiritual Toolbox (Vol. 3) Answering Tough Questions

Book 3 equips you to answer some of the tough questions that come up about Christianity and the Bible: how does God handle those who have never heard about Him, how can a loving God allow evil and suffering, how do I know the Bible is God’s authoritative Word, and how can I explain the difference between Christianity and other religions.


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