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Walking by Faith in God’s Will

God doesn’t show us His will for our lives all at once. Instead, He shows it to us one step at a time. To be honest, I wish God would just show me the entire blueprint now. But that wouldn’t require walking by faith. Mrs. Charles Cowman in her devotional book, Streams in the Desert 2, July 28, tells the story of a young boy and his father camping out in the woods. The father sent the boy to

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Prerequisites for Knowing God’s Will

Are you seeking God’s will in an area of your life? There are two prerequisites that are vital to discerning God’s will and making wise decisions: 1. A clean heart. Are you walking with God, or are you walking in sin? Are you disobeying what God has already clearly shown you to be His will through Scripture? If you’ve been disobedient to His already revealed will, then why would He want to show you more? Confess your

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Making Wise Decisions

 We have to make decisions every day, starting when the alarm clock goes off. Some decisions are minor – what am I going to have for breakfast this morning? What am I going to wear? Am I going to take the freeway or another route into work ? Those are minor decisions that aren’t going to impact my life in a major way, unless of course, there is a wreck on one of those highways! But we

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