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Dealing With Discouragement

Discouragement can drag us down and hinder us in our walk with God, or it can draw us into a deeper dependence on Him. In the last post, we looked at sources of discouragement. But once we identify the source, how do we deal with it? Moses gave us a great example of how to deal with discouragement in Exodus 5-6. He was dealing with difficult people, difficult circumstances, and difficult words. It would have

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Are You Embracing Your Season of Life?

Do you have a favorite season of the year? My favorite seasons are fall and spring because I love the change of temperature that comes with each one, as well as the changing of leaves in the fall and the blooming of trees in the spring. But even though I most enjoy fall and spring, I still appreciate the other seasons of the year and the uniqueness of each one. I love the beauty of

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Overcoming Failure

“I feel like a failure.” Have you thought or said those words recently? I have. Perhaps you feel like a failure in the area of parenting or marriage or your job or ministry or some endeavor you took on. When I start to have those thoughts of being a failure, I get discouraged and want to quit. Sometimes, it’s true that we have failed. Other times, it’s just lies from Satan, who would love to

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