Quiet Time With God

In the midst of a hectic, busy world, we need to find time each day to slow down and meet with God. I’ve had people ask, “What do I do in a quiet time alone with God?” It’s a great question. When I was a junior at LSU, Bonnie (my discipler) took me with her one...

Spending Time Alone With God

Devotional times or “quiet times” are vital to our spiritual growth. Seek to spend time alone with the Lord each day in His Word and in prayer. There is no one way to do it, and the method may change from day to day and in different seasons of life. The important...
A Picture of Discipleship

A Picture of Discipleship

If you want someone to disciple you, what would that look like to you? What are you looking for in a discipleship relationship? I grew up in a Christian home and came to Christ at an early age. I knew I was a sinner and that I would never be good enough to pay the...
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