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Are Mentoring and Discipleship the Same Thing?

Because of a crazy week and leaving for vacation tomorrow, I am reposting a blog post from several years ago. I still get asked this question.  Let’s say you meet someone who is a committed follower of Jesus Christ, but she just wants you to spend time with her and talk through life together. Is that discipleship or mentoring? People often ask if there is a difference between discipleship and mentoring or if they are the

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Going to Seminary on Drug Money

I have asked Sandra Glahn, my mentor and co-author of Sumatra With the Seven Churches, to write a guest post, giving an example of pressing on in her life. I think you will enjoy it greatly! The ultimate neighborhood babysitter, I believed I was destined for motherhood. I loved living in a large family; I never felt lonely; I always had a cheering section for viola concerts; and we had killer seven-part harmony on road

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