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Spiritual Disciplines: What are they?

What exactly are spiritual disciplines? Many people hear that phrase and think of them as drudgery, not delight. Just the word discipline alone sounds difficult and uncomfortable. But they can and should be a delight for us. Let’s look closer at these disciplines by addressing three questions often asked. What is the meaning of spiritual disciplines? Simply said, they are the habits of devotion that promote spiritual growth. They call us to move beyond surface

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How Do You Measure Spiritual Growth?

How do you measure spiritual growth? What characteristics do you look for? What activities would you be participating in? You may list some of the characteristics that signify spiritual growth as fruit of the Spirit, a repentant heart, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, consistency in your walk with God, the practice of spiritual disciplines, love for God and for His Word, obedience, fear of God, a changed life, and dependence on God. But to what degree do those

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Spiritual Disciplines: Delight or Drudgery?

I hope I’m as happy as my mom when I’m 97 years old and someone makes me exercise six days a week! Mom loves physical therapy and even though it’s hard at times, she keeps going. She actually enjoys it and knows the end result is for her good. She is such a great example to me. But as much as physical exercise is good for us, even at the age of 97, how much

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