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I’m Under Attack!

I'm Under Attack!

Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in attempted logins on my website from countries all over the world. My initial response is, “Why would anyone want to attack and get into MY website? I’m not a big corporation or banking enterprise. I don’t have people’s personal information and passwords, and I don’t have any national security secrets. Why me?” Thankfully, I have programs and plugins that monitor these attacks and block them. But, I’m continually looking

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Press On to Spiritual Maturity

Some of you may be floundering in your faith today or struggling with pressing on in a specific season of life. You may be a young mom who is exhausted, a caregiver who is worn out, a wife in a difficult marriage. Perhaps you are in a job that is requiring more from you than you can handle, or you are fighting a sickness or disease. These challenges can hinder you from pressing on to

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