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Why, God?

We’ve probably all asked God “why” questions. Questions like: God, why did you take my baby? Why did this tragic accident happen to such good people? Why do you let people die in the prime of their lives? Why do you let this person will no quality of life linger on? Why did my loved one get diagnosed with this disease? God, why? I have asked my share of “why” questions, even as recently as

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Why Didn’t God Create a World Without Pain?

Guest post by Jim Davis Jim and I became friends several years ago at the Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s Conference. I love his writing and insight into tough issues. He will be writing guest posts for me while I’m in India for ten days.  Jim gives us a glimpse into some of the questions he addresses in his new book coming out in January, 2014, titled Why Me? And Why That’s the Wrong Question. When God

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