When I was a little girl, I used to stand behind the nightstand in my brother’s bedroom. Holding my daddy’s big black Bible, I’d “preach” to the cats, parakeets, and hamsters in the room. Even as a young girl, I knew I wanted to teach God’s Word when I grew up, but I had no idea what that would look like.

Dr. Howard Hendricks taught us at Dallas Theological Seminary that the goal of teaching isn’t to impart knowledge, but to change lives. And that’s how I approach teaching God’s Word—pointing women to the Bible in a way that transforms their lives.

Over the years, I’ve had many opportunities to encourage women to passionately pursue Jesus Christ through teaching the Bible. As the Women’s Ministry Director at my church for 17 years, I had the privilege of writing and teaching Bible studies for my women and challenging them from God’s Word to live wholeheartedly for Jesus. I’d love to come alongside you and encourage your group from God’s Word to passionately pursue Jesus and live wholeheartedly for Him.


To enhance your Bible study time, I’ve provided videos and Soundcloud recordings for Before the Throne and audio recordings for On Bended Knee. The videos for Before the Throne were recorded at First Evangelical Church in Memphis in the fall of 2020 as I took the women of my church through this study virtually. I actually wrote this during the lockdowns of spring 2020, and the original title was Strengthened Through Prayer. In the recordings and videos, you’ll hear me refer to the original title and events going on during that time. The title was changed to Before the Throne when Moody published it in 2022.

You’ll also find Soundcloud recordings of other Bible studies (some available on Amazon). Check out all the teaching resources by clicking the button below.




Cricket Keeth’s Bible teaching is insightful, relevant, and faithful to God’s Word. She’s ministered to women in the local church for more than 18 years and spoken at a variety of venues where she’s taken women deep into the beauty of the Scriptures. As her former professor and current friend, I’ve personally been blessed by her teaching, and I’m delighted to recommend her as your next conference, seminar, or retreat speaker.

Dr. Sue Edwards

Author of Forty Questions About Women in Ministry and The Discovery Bible Study series | Professor Emeritus, Dallas Theological Seminary

The women in our local women’s ministry were blessed to learn about prayer through the studies: On Bended Knee and Before the Throne written by Cricket Keeth. Following these excellent Bible studies, we had the pleasure to have Crickett spend a day with our women speaking on the topic of prayer. She has a winsome, engaging teaching style that expanded the minds and hearts of our women. Crickett has a deep and sincere love for God. She inspires and motivates her listeners to draw closer to Him. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a retreat or conference speaker.

Dr. Joye Baker

Adjunct Professor and Women’s Advisor of the Educational Ministries and Leadership Department, Dallas Theological Seminary

You NEED Crickett to speak at your next event!

Her teaching captivates us as she weaves God’s Word into our everyday circumstances. She loves Jesus, the Bible, and people—and that combined passion comes through in her teaching. I listen in awe as one minute she explains Biblical context and exposition in a relatable way, and suddenly I realized that through her message I had encountered the living God. You’ll want everyone you know to hear the messages God has given Crickett!

—Angela Cirocco, Group Life Minister, Northwest Bible Church, Dallas, TX

Crickett speaks with gentle confidence

as she invites those listening into the conversation. Your women will be encouraged to take the next step on their faith journey with teaching that reaches the depth of the biblical text met with practical application. She will be a blessing to your ministry both on and off the platform as her casual, friendly manner is embraced by everyone she meets.

—Carol Tetzlaff, Associate Publisher, Redemption Press | Author of Ezra, Unleashing the Power of Praise

Offers clear next steps for applying the lessons to daily life.

Crickett taught two workshops for our women’s retreat. She worked closely with the volunteer team to ensure she was aligned with the vision for the event. Endearing in every way, Crickett truly led the women by illuminating Scripture and through the use of her colorful storytelling. One thing she does exceptionally well is to offer clear next steps for applying the lessons to a disciple’s daily life. We were so enamored with Crickett, we invited her back for a large event teaching session. With over 180 women in the room, Crickett was passionate about the Word of God and refreshingly clear in communicating God’s call on our lives. Crickett Keeth is a gifted communicator and passionate exhorter. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doctrinally sound teacher and a natural connector of women.

—Amy Ragon, Director of Women’s Ministry, Fellowship Bible Church, Jackson, TN

A God-honoring inspirational speaker

Crickett Keeth has a passion for the Lord and His Word which radiates to all who are blessed with her teaching. Not only does Crickett glorify God in her messages, but she also educates in her authentic, clear, and Biblically sound teaching which touches all ages and all levels of spiritual maturity. Those who attended PDBC Women’s Conference knew they had been led boldly before the throne of grace by Crickett.

—Becki Smith, Plain Dealing Baptist Church, Plain Dealing, LA

Her engaging and authentic style brought her Bible teaching to life

Crickett Keeth spoke to our Women of Heart Bible study group via Zoom in Tucson, Arizona. We were working our way through her excellent study, On Bended Knee: Praying Like Prophets, Warriors, and Kings, when she agreed to join us. The women in our group experienced Crickett’s warmth, love for God’s Word, and genuine care over the internet. Her engaging and authentic style brought her Bible teaching to life, and her sweet humor made us feel like she was in the room with us. It’s rare when a speaker leaves the audience feeling like a friend. Crickett is gifted like that.

—Claire Alameda, Director of Women’s Ministries and Communications, Corazón Ministries, Tucson, Arizona

She is able to teach the Bible with clarity, and she models what she teaches

It’s been a privilege to cross paths with Crickett Keeth in multiple ministry settings over the past 20 years. Her love for Christ and the Scriptures is evident in her public role of speaking, writing, and teaching, and just as evident in her personal life and relationships. She is able to teach the Bible with clarity, and she models what she teaches in her own life consistently. Her wide variety of life and ministry experiences make her a relevant addition to any group!

~Ashley Redwine Harris, Grace Church, Wichita Falls, Texas

When God called me into the position of Women’s Ministry Director at Collierville First Baptist Church (CFBC), I felt like Solomon when he said, “But I am only a little child, not knowing how to go out or come in” (1 Kings 3:7b). As I was praying for wisdom on how to lead the women of CFBC well, the Lord blessed my life with godly, Spirit-filled women to come alongside me for encouragement and direction. Crickett Keeth was one of those women. Not only does she have a heart for discipleship and encouraging women’s ministry leaders, but she is also a gifted speaker.

I asked Crickett to speak at our women’s retreat, and she did more than just speak at the event—she partnered with me in prayer and planning weeks leading up to the event. She went above and beyond and spent the entire day at the retreat with us. She had a desire to know the women she was speaking to that day. She is easy to talk to, extremely relatable, and funny. She loves the Lord Jesus, and we were blessed by her coming to speak.

Amy Dobson

Women’s Ministry Director, Collierville First Baptist Church, Collierville, TN


My passion is to encourage women to pursue Jesus Christ and live out their God-given purpose. I’ve had the privilege of teaching God’s Word to women for over 20 years—from the Women’s Ministry Bible study in my home church to conferences and retreats in the U.S. and Asia. If you’re looking for a speaker to encourage and exhort from God’s Word, I’d love to chat with you. Here are some topics to consider, but if you have something else in mind, I’d love to hear your ideas and work with you to best meet the needs of your women’s group. It would be an honor to serve you and your women.

On Bended Knee: Drawing Near Through Prayer

1–3 sessions

Are you satisfied with your prayer life? Do you find yourself unsure of how to pray in a situation? Some of the topics that can be addressed: overcoming hindrances to prayer, addressing tough questions about prayer, and learning how to pray with power from the examples of prayers in the Bible. This topic would be a great follow-up for Crickett’s two Bible studies with Moody: On Bended Knee and Before the Throne.

Leaving a Legacy of Eternal Significance

1–3 sessions

Do you want to make a difference with your life and leave a legacy of eternal significance? As we look at Paul’s exhortations to Timothy in 2 Timothy, we’ll consider how we can live in a way that’s strengthening and building into the next generations for eternity.  

Living With Purpose

1–3 sessions

Are you using your gifts and carrying out God’s purpose for your life? Choose one, two, or all three of these topics: Understanding Your SHAPE, Discovering Your Life Purpose, Tracing God’s Hand Through Your Life Story.

Stand Firm

1–3 sessions

How do we stand firm against all the world throws at us today? These sessions are taken from the Book of James. Possible topics in this series: Stand Firm Against Trials and Temptations: Stand Firm Against Apathy to God’s Word; Stand Firm Against Partiality;   Stand Firm Against Untamed Words; Stand Firm Against Worldly Wisdom; Stand Firm Against Impatience and Prayerlessness.  


1–3 sessions

Are you rooted in your relationship with God, or are your roots in the wrong place? This series covers helpful tools to give you a solid foundation for your faith and to equip you to carry out God’s purpose for you. Some of the topics to choose from: Rooted in a Solid Foundation, Rooted in Discipleship, and Rooted in Community.  

Leaning into God’s Character

1–3 sessions

How well do you know God? Do you focus more on your circumstances or on God’s character? This topic focuses on getting to know God through His attributes and names.

A Journey Of Faith

1–3 sessions

Do you struggle with walking by faith? The life of Moses guides us through our own journey of faith and how to keep going when we fail or feel discouraged and overwhelmed.

Standing Strong in the Battles of Life

1–3 sessions

Are you equipped to face the battles of life?  We can learn how to overcome those battles from the life of Joshua as he led the people into the Promised Land. Some of the battles they faced: Inadequacy, Walking by Faith, Waiting on God, Self-sufficiency and Pride, Overwhelming Challenges, Compromise, and Idolatry.            

The Gift of Rest

1–3 sessions

Are you weary and worn out, struggling to get everything done that is crying out for your attention? Learn how to slow down and embrace the gift of rest that God offers us. 


If you want to deepen your prayer life or have questions about prayer, rest, and other topics, I invite you to listen in on these conversations with godly men and women. Let’s spur one another on to passionately pursue Jesus Christ!

Lord, Blow Me Away Today

by Jen Hand | an Interview with Crickett Keeth


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