I Love You, Jesus

I Love You, Jesus

A Guest Post by Katy Kauffman: Katy is a friend of mine who shares a love for writing Bible studies and pointing others to Jesus.   I love You, Jesus. You wrapped Yourself in human flesh, fragile and weak. The Mighty God became a man, the Creator became as the...

No More Hiding Behind Closed Doors

I feel exposed this week. No, I’m not referring to exposing myself in skimpy, inappropriate clothing, but I feel exposed just the same. You see, I decided to finally upgrade my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Thankfully, the cabinets are in great shape, so...

God, Don’t You Remember?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by guilt over past sin(s)? You know Jesus died for your sins, but perhaps you still have trouble grasping that you are truly forgiven. Years ago I heard the story of a “conversation” between God and “Sally.” It made such an impact on me...
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