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Reflecting on Another Year

Happy New Year! There’s value in reflection, learning from the past and making adjustments for the future from the lessons learned. And yes, I’d love to know what God has in store for me this coming year, but it’s probably better that He just shows me one step at a time. If I knew ahead of time, I’d probably worry and fret about it. He knows what’s best for us, and He chooses to show

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5 Questions to Ponder As We Begin A New Year

A new year! I always get excited about what a new year might hold. God knows what’s ahead for each of us this year, and He reveals it to us one step at a time. For some, there will be great joy and pleasant surprises, gifts from God. For others, there will be heartache and sadness, gifts from God. How will we respond to what He has in store for us this year? I like to

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All I Need

Happy New Year to all! This morning as I spent time with the Lord, I found myself reflecting on some “unanswered” prayers this year, or prayers not answered in the way I had desired. I was reading from the book The Valley of Vision, page 271. This prayer truly spoke to my heart this morning. May it be an encouragement to you also as we begin a new year, with new and continuing prayers, which

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