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Are You Resting?

We have looked at two misconceptions of good time management over the last two posts. Today I want to share a third misconception: If I rest or take time off, I’m wasting time. Many of us struggle with this mentality. We think, I can’t take any time off or do something just for fun. I’ve got too much to do. If I rest, I’m not being productive. To the contrary, we need to have some

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Busy, Busy, Busy

In my last post, I addressed a wrong perspective we often have in time management – the perspective that hurrying buys me more time. This week I want to look at a second wrong perspective of time management. “If I’m busy, I’m being productive.” Good time management is not just about activity, about being busy, but productivity. What are we accomplishing in our busyness? We can be very busy, but not productive in our time.

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