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Are You Listening?

Recently a friend asked me how she could pray for me. My response was, “Pray that I will stay attentive to the Lord. Pray that I would listen to Him, not the world around me.” The world tells me success is found in making money and achieving status in the eyes of others. God tells me success is obeying Him and living to please an audience of One. The world tells me it’s all about

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Rest: How?

How do we rest when our lives are maxed out with to-do lists and circumstances of life, and we’re pressed from all sides? In my last post, Rest: What is That?, I shared three reasons why people don’t rest. We need rest, but we struggle with incorporating it into our busy schedules. So what’s the solution? REST. R – Reorder your priorities. Ask God to show you His priorities for you. What is most important

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