“I love any Bible study by Crickett Keeth. I can always count on her work to be sound doctrinally, true to the text, and applicable to my life. Her Bible studies have long been my favorites, with their emphasis on digging into the text and applying it where readers live. As she always does, in her work On Bended Knee: Praying Like Prophets, Warriors, and Kings, she weds timeless truths of scripture with timely application. She has this gift for talking about theological insights in a way that makes readers feel as if she’s sitting with us at the kitchen table. And we find we are changed. I highly recommend her work for both group and individual use.”

Sandra Glahn, author of The Coffee Cup Bible Study Series (AMG)

“If you long for a more effective prayer life, this study is for you.
 On Bended Knee will guide you through the prayers of biblical prophets, warriors, and kings—and you’ll learn the secrets of talking to God, seeking His wisdom, and getting results! This study is filled with profound teaching, thought-provoking questions, and action steps that produce positive change. Crickett Keeth’s teaching will capture your heart and lead you into an intimate relationship with God. Gather a group of friends and take your prayer life to a deeper level.”

Carol Kent, Speaker and Author, He Holds My Hand: Experiencing God’s Presence and Protection(Tyndale)

“Crickett Keeth is a passionate guide as she leads you to study some of the most meaningful and heartfelt prayers found in scripture.
Her thought-provoking questions encourage you to look upward, deeper, and reflectively on the prayers of prophets, warriors and kings. On Bended Knee will bless and challenge you to bend your knee in a fresh way.”

Cynthia Heald, Author of the Becoming a Woman Bible Study series and Drawing Near to the Heart of God

“I’m so thankful for this much needed study on prayer.
Crickett has done a beautiful job parsing the many facets of prayer and laying the pieces in front of us so we can better understand and apply this most intimate part of our relationship with Christ. Dividing the study into heartfelt prayer themes, such as intercession, longing, lament, boldness, and more gives us starting points since prayer can often be overwhelming. You’ll also love studying the prayers of men and women in scripture from whom we get our greatest prayer examples. If you’re looking to deepen your prayer life, pick up this study and gather a group of friends together!”

—Kelly Minter, Bible teacher and author of No Other Gods: The Unrivaled Pursuit of Christ and Wherever the River Runs: How a Forgotten People Renewed My Hope in the Gospel

Reading On Bended Knee reminded me of how welcoming God is. Imagine! God Himself inviting us to talk to Him about anything, everything, without pretense or reserve. Thank you, Crickett, for writing so honestly and vulnerably about prayer. While I found myself digging into the scriptures and gaining new insights from this study, the best thing I can say about it is that I kept closing it because all I wanted to do was pray.”

Jan Winebrenner, author of The Grace of Catastropheand Intimate Faith


“Who doesn’t want a deeper prayer life? Then, what better place to turn than to biblical characters who poured out their hearts to God—in times of despair, longing, lament, seeking, dependence and boldness. How providential that a resource such as Crickett Keeth’s new Bible Study On Bended Knee: Praying Like Prophets, Warriors and Kings is now available. This seasoned Bible teacher deftly examines the lives of Jesus, Paul, Job, Hannah, David and others in order for us to better understand how prayer can change a life. I love that Crickett is both deep and practical. As she takes us through the study, we are prompted with provocative questions and application for our own lives—while at the same time being encouraged with wisdom from history’s great prayer warriors. All the while keeping our focus in prayer on the Lord and pursuing His will and His way in all things. I highly recommend On Bended Knee for either personal or group study.

Lucinda Secrest McDowell, author of Ordinary Gracesand Dwelling Places


“Prayer nourishes our relationship with God. Without it we shrivel up and die spiritually. But too often today’s frenzied pace beguiles us while we silently starve. Biblically sound and thoroughly practical, On Bended Kneewill transform your appetite to commune with your eagerly awaiting Father. Invite some friends, pull up a chair, and savor this nutritious biblical feast that will invigorate and sustain your prayer life. Taste and see that prayer is good.”

Dr. Sue Edwards, Author of the Discover Together Bible study series, Associate Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary

“Do you sometimes wonder how to pray effectively? Do you wonder how to approach God with your concerns? If so, you’ll appreciate On Bended Knee: Praying like Prophets, Warriors, and Kings. This eight-week Bible study will lead you into a deeper understanding of prayer as a pathway to intimacy with God and a privilege that contains the power to change the world. Whether you use it for your own personal study or within a group setting, you’ll enjoy its easy-to-follow format packed with biblical truth, personal application questions, and inspirational quotes by great Christian leaders.”

Grace Fox, author of Moving From Fear to Freedom: A Woman’s Guide to Peace in Every Situation,international speaker, global worker

On Bended Knee 
is an inspiring study that not only increased my knowledge of prayer, but more importantly, it moved my heart as it convicted me to examine my own prayer life and see what needs to be changed. It is the perfect blend of thought-provoking questions, challenging quotes, and the author’s honest and transparent reflections that I found myself relating to again and again. What a refreshing study of what prayer should look like!”

Rachel Pruett, Women’s Ministry Director at Denton Bible Church, Denton, Texas

“Most Christians find it difficult to pray at times. Even the most practiced do. I don’t need a designer approach for staying on my knees. I need biblical conditioning and encouragement. On Bended Knee is a Godsend that keeps sending us back to God in prayer.

Dr. Cole Huffman, Senior Pastor at First Evangelical Church, Memphis, TN

“Crickett Keeth is a woman of prayer, and this study is a beautiful guide for those wanting to be people who pray. She humbly leads the way with her knees bent and eyes fixed on Jesus.”

Ellie Holcomb, Dove-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

The Cry of My Heart by Crickett Keeth is one of my top five favorites. Written for the woman on the go and the woman who wants to go deeper, her writing style and format are the perfect combination for small group study and discussion as well as a personal study guide.”

Julie Seay, First Evangelical Church, Memphis, TN

The Gift of Rest by Crickett Keeth thoroughly explores the varied aspects of God’s mandated rest in an eight-week, discovery-style, application-oriented Bible study. This study will persuade women to reject today’s typical destructive life pace and trade it in for a productive, healthy, all-in, Christ-centered lifestyle instead.”

Dr. Sue Edwards, Author of The Discover Together Bible Study Series and co-author of Organic Mentoring


The Gift of Rest is the kind of study I look for as a small-group leader. Crickett Keeth presents sound doctrine in a user-friendly format that enriched my personal understanding of resting in the Father’s love.”

Jim Davis, author of Why Me? (And Why that’s the Wrong Question)


“The Gift of Rest is simple to follow, yet full of rich, biblical teaching. Crickett Keeth points readers to Scripture so they can discover for themselves why rest is important and then develop an action plan to implement it in their busy lives. An excellent resource for personal use or in a small group.”

Sue Hume, Women’s Ministry Leader, Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“Crickett Keeth is not only a great teacher and encourager for those who want to disciple and mentor others, but she can separate and simplify lessons and notes to be “user” friendly for everyone. So grateful to have this “toolbox” to go with my own notes from her past classes.”

Dotsy Liles, Bible study leader and Bible teacher, Memphis

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