When you are presented with a new opportunity to serve in some capacity, do you struggle with deciding what to do? How do you know when to say “yes” and when to say “no”?

Elaine Brown, in an article published in Discipleship Journal, gives seven questions to consider before saying “yes” to a new opportunity:

1. Will my spouse and children be adversely affected if I say “yes” to this?

2. Is this new opportunity likely to place undue stress on my mind, emotions, and/or body?

3. Am I fully aware of all that is involved in this commitment?

4. Could this new opportunity undermine my effectiveness in already existing commitments?

5. Will this opportunity enable me to use my God-given spiritual gifts and natural talents?

6. Would it be better for someone else to do this?

7. What are my motives for considering this opportunity?

These questions have been helpful to me as I have prayed through opportunities. But also consider your SHAPE and life purpose. I mentioned in a previous post on Setting the Right Priorities that the things you say yes to should be things that fit into God’s purpose for you and how God has “shaped” you for ministry. These are tools to help you make wise decisions when opportunities arise. Don’t just say “yes” because there is a need.

I’d love to hear what has helped you make decisions when opportunities arise. What helps you determine if it’s a “yes” or “no”?

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