Pad of Paper & PenAre you seeking God’s will in an area of your life? There are two prerequisites that are vital to discerning God’s will and making wise decisions:

1. A clean heart. Are you walking with God, or are you walking in sin? Are you disobeying what God has already clearly shown you to be His will through Scripture? If you’ve been disobedient to His already revealed will, then why would He want to show you more? Confess your sin and go to Him with a clean heart.

2. A willing heart. Are you willing to do whatever God asks of you? Are you willing to do His will even before you know what it is?

When I was at a Campus Crusade meeting as a junior at LSU, they asked us to take out a blank sheet of paper and write at the top, “God’s will for ___________ Life,” inserting my name into the blank. Not knowing what God would put on that blank paper, would I be willing to sign it? Would I be willing to tell the Lord, “Yes, whatever you want, I’ll do,” before knowing what He would eventually write on that paper? I was willing and I signed my name at the bottom of that blank sheet of paper. I still have that paper. At the time, I had no idea what God’s will was for my life. And if I had known, would I have “signed” the paper? I’m not sure.

I was afraid that if I told God I was willing to do whatever He wanted that He would send me to Africa as a missionary. He didn’t send me to Africa, but He sent me to East Asia, and those were some of the best years of my life. I dreamed of being married, but God’s plan for me is singleness. I love my single life, but at the time, I would have rebelled had I known that was in my future.

God reveals His will one step at a time. He wants us to be willing to obey it before we even know what it is. Have a clean heart and a willing heart, and you will not miss God’s will.


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