Walking by Faith in God’s Will

Boardwalk Through Lush ForestGod doesn’t show us His will for our lives all at once. Instead, He shows it to us one step at a time. To be honest, I wish God would just show me the entire blueprint now. But that wouldn’t require walking by faith.

Mrs. Charles Cowman in her devotional book, Streams in the Desert 2, July 28, tells the story of a young boy and his father camping out in the woods. The father sent the boy to mail a letter in the nearest village. He took his son to the edge of camp and showed him the trail that led to the village. The boy responded, “Father, I don’t see how that path will ever reach town.” The father gently pointed down the trail and said, “See that big tree where the trail seems to come to an end? When you get to that big tree, you will be able to see around the bend and down the trail. Just go to the tree and then follow the trail until you come to the next corner, then look ahead and follow it some more until you see some houses. When you get to the houses, then you will see the post office.”

Mrs. Cowman goes on to say:

“The love of God quite as often withholds the view of the entire distance of the winding path through life. He reveals it to us step by step and from corner to corner. Hence it is necessary to trust Him to lead, for He can see around the bend in the road. He knows what lies ahead, and whether we can cope with the situation now or later. He consults our wants, not our wishes, like a wise and loving Father. His corners are not the end of the way. Corners discipline faith, teach us patience to walk step by step, and fit us for blessing. Because our vision is limited, it causes us to continually seek His guidance.”

When I began seminary, I wanted to know what God had for me after graduation. But God wanted me to take one day at a time, corner by corner, semester by semester. He would show me when I got to the end of that trail. He did not show me what was after seminary until a few days after I completed my last class. When I turned that corner, He showed me what was waiting for me. It stretched my faith, but it was worth it.

Corners discipline faith. How are you doing with the corners in your life?

  1. Thank you, Crickett. This is very timely for me and my family. We are at a ‘corner’ right now. And I realize that The Lord doesn’t show us the blueprint (as much as I think I want to know it) because we aren’t ready to know all that He has for us. I read this quote last night that follows your thought…”Because the same faithful God who brought you this far can bring you much further yet.

    Corrie Ten Boom once wrote, “When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.”
    You are a blessing to me. Love, Val

    • Val, you’re right, we aren’t ready for all that is ahead for us if we saw it all at once. I love the quotes you shared. Thanks for sharing them with us. Praying for you as you turn this next corner.

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