Mom's 97th birthdayThis has been an incredibly difficult season of life for me, especially in the past two months. My 97-year-old mother has been in and out of the hospital and doctors’ offices quite frequently and it has consumed my life.

Don’t get me wrong – I love being able to spend this special time with mom in the remaining years of her life, but it’s been hard. Roles have been reversed, and I’m the parent now. I have had to make hard decisions concerning my mom, many of which she doesn’t understand. To be honest, I’d rather be on a beach somewhere sipping iced tea. But God has me here, and I need to find contentment in the midst of these challenging times.

Last week my brothers and I made the tough decision to move mom into a nursing home. At the time, we felt God had clearly led in that direction and opened the doors to make it possible. There was peace – until a few days later when mom said, “I’ll be happy when you take me back to my home.” What? The next day she repeated her desire. And then yesterday, she told me several times, “I can’t wait till you get me out of this place.” Oh, my. We have a problem.

God, did I not hear you clearly last week when you used circumstances and people and the prompting of your Holy Spirit to clearly guide us to move mom to the nursing home? Did we miss your will?

I struggle with that haunting question – did I miss God’s will?

I have to believe that the decision we made last week was the right decision. Why?

1. Circumstances, people, and the prompting of the Holy Spirit all pointed to this decision. We believe God used those means to bring us to that decision.

2. God gave us peace after the decision was made.

3. Being in God’s will doesn’t mean that life will be smooth-sailing. There will be challenging and difficult times even in the midst of God’s will.

I’ve heard it said, “Don’t doubt in the dark what God has revealed in the light.” If we have truly sought God’s will and are yielded to it in the power of the Holy Spirit, we won’t miss God’s will.

What are your thoughts?



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