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In the midst of a hectic, busy world, we need to find time each day to slow down and meet with God. I’ve had people ask, “What do I do in a quiet time alone with God?” It’s a great question.

When I was a junior at LSU, Bonnie (my discipler) took me with her one morning to the Chapel on campus and let me “participate” in her quiet time. It gave me first-hand experience of how to spend time alone with God, and I couldn’t wait to spend time with God by myself.

That summer I went on a beach project with Campus Crusade for Christ in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We worked during the day and had Bible teaching at night. One of our Bible teachers, Rich Bademan, taught us the concept of “walking through the Tabernacle” in our quiet time with the Lord. He walked us through step by step, and then challenged us to take some extended time that week and “walk through the Tabernacle.”

It changed the way I approached my quiet time with the Lord. I continue to use this method often in my quiet times, and I teach it to every woman I disciple.

So I have a challenge for you this week. Download “Walking through the Tabernacle” from my Discipleship page and take some extended time this week to meet with the Lord, using it as a guide.

I’d love to hear from you afterwards. How was your time with the Lord?

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