reboot computer 2I started this blog a year ago with the purpose of encouraging others to passionately pursue Jesus Christ. I especially wanted to provide materials for people to use in discipleship. After a year, I feel it is time to make some changes with the website to more effectively communicate that purpose and to give it a new look. The website title will no longer be Press On, but The Passionate Pursuit.

In order to make these changes, I will need to take my website down for a few days. At least, I hope it’s only a few days. Since I’m doing this myself, it may be much more complicated than I expect it to be and may take longer than I think. Pray!

Thank you for being a faithful subscriber to my blog. Hopefully, you will not need to subscribe again and everything will transfer over automatically.

I pray  this site has encouraged you to press on in your spiritual journey this year. I’ll let you know when it’s back online.