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I made a big mistake last Saturday afternoon when I opened my front door to a stranger. A few hours later, I had a new, expensive, bells-and- whistles alarm system that I didn’t need. Oh, but the salesman’s pitch was so convincing that I couldn’t refuse.

That night as I sat down and looked at the details of the contract and thought about the increased monthly fees, I knew I had made a mistake. Honestly, do I really need a video camera to keep an eye on my cat while I’m at work? I don’t think Peyton is going to be throwing any wild parties at my house with the neighborhood cats.

I went to bed that night beating myself up for being so vulnerable and STUPID to let someone talk me into something I didn’t need. What was I thinking? How did I let this happen?

  •  I let my guard down. I should have never opened the door. But even after I opened the door, I should have told him politely, no, I’m not interested.  Instead, I listened to him.
  • I let the lust of the eyes help me rationalize that I NEED these things. The salesman convinced me that what I have now isn’t enough. There’s something better that I am missing out on. And I began to believe him.
  •  I allowed myself to be pressured into a decision without praying about it and thinking through the situation.

To make a long story short, after many phone calls and an overnight express delivery of the cancellation letter, I was able to legally cancel my contract within the 3 business days allowed. But it has been a headache – getting the new system uninstalled which left my old system inoperable,  and then coordinating with my alarm company to come back out and rewire everything. What a mess. What was I thinking???

As I have pondered this situation, I have learned some life lessons that apply spiritually as well.

1. Beware of dropping your guard. Don’t even crack the door a little, or you will give Satan and sin a foothold. If I hadn’t opened the door, I wouldn’t have gotten myself into this predicament.

2. Beware of the lies Satan wants us to believe. Satan loves to convince us that we NEED more than God has given us and that abundance is better than simplicity.

3. Beware of the lure of materialism. Materialism and the lust of the eyes quickly entice us and lead us to do things that aren’t practical or wise. Do we really need those things?

4. Beware of making rash decisions, especially ones that cost a lot of money. Always seek the Lord first.

I have learned a tough lesson this week, but thankfully, God has taken care of me. I won’t be so quick to let my guard down next time. Have you found yourself in a similar situation?

Peter gave great advice in 1 Peter 5:8: “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Don’t be the next victim by letting your guard down.

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