money bagLately, I’ve been hearing a lot about the 425 million dollar Powerball jackpot. As I was eating breakfast this morning, the newscasters were reminding us that we had till 8:00 tonight (Wed.) to buy our tickets. As I was listening to them, I started day-dreaming about what I would do if I had 425 million dollars. Perhaps I’d update my house and make all those costly repairs I’ve put off. Or I’d buy new clothes and lots of other stuff I’d love to have but can’t afford. The possibilities are endless.

I could give more to my church and other ministries. I’d never have to raise support ever again for a mission trip. I could pay for the whole team each year. I could quit my job if I wanted to! My mind started spinning as I dreamed about 425 million dollars.

But then God reminded me how rich I am already. I have riches that will never be depleted and can never be taken away – more than I could ever imagine or ask for; more than a 425 million dollar jackpot. So I turned to Ephesians 1 this morning and just started listing the riches that God has given me – riches that sometimes I take for granted.

Take a look at what you and I have as believers in Jesus Christ:

  • Adoption as sons to Himself (v. 5)
  • Redemption through His blood (v. 7)
  • Forgiveness of our sins (v. 7)
  • The riches of His grace which He lavished upon us (v. 7-8)
  • An inheritance (v.11) – (greater than the Powerball jackpot)
  • A pledge of our inheritance, sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise (v. 13)
  • The “unfathomable riches of Christ” (Ephesians 2:8).

What more do we need? He will take care of all our needs with His riches. Yes, this morning, I was anxious about the costly repairs I need to have done to my house. I dream about things I’d like to have but don’t have the money for. But God knows my every need, and His riches are abundant and they are enough.

Perhaps you, too, have dreamed about winning the Powerball jackpot. But instead of buying that lottery ticket, I encourage you to look at your riches in Christ according to Ephesians 1. You might even want to write down some other passages that address just how rich you are in Christ.

We may not (and probably won’t) win the Powerball jackpot, but we can celebrate as we embrace the unfathomable riches of Christ.  As Paul said in Philippians 4:19, “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

I’m feeling extremely rich today.  How about you?


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