The Rock Badger

The Rock Badger

Where do you run for strength, protection, and security when life gets hard and you find yourself in the midst of one spiritual battle after another?

Isaiah 26:3–4 points us to where we should run, if we’re wise. “The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in You. Trust in the LORD forever, For in GOD the LORD, we have an everlasting Rock.”

The key word in this passage is trust. Trust in the everlasting Rock forever, at all times, because our Rock is rock solid. He is not going anywhere. He won’t be blown away by the storms or taken down by earthquakes or erode with time. He will always be there.

The name, Yahweh Tsuri, God my Rock, is one of the most intimate and comforting names of God. A rock is a timeless image of strength and protection.

We could learn a lot from the rock badger if we watched him closely. The rock badger knows where to go when danger comes. He knows the importance of his relationship to the rock.

The large rocks jutting out from the mountains form a perfect hiding place for the badger. If an eagle swoops down and tries to capture him, the little animal is protected by the rock. When a lion is on the prowl for lunch, the badger goes undetected by lying close to the rock because he is the color of the mountain. The lion can’t see him.

As long as the badger hides in the rocks, he is safe. If he wanders away into the grassland, he is dead meat. The most courageous badger is wise enough to know that his strength lies not in himself and his sharp teeth, but in clinging to the rock. rock badger3

Rock badgers know where their strength lies. Do we? Do we stay close to the Rock, or do we wander away on our own, thinking we’re tough enough to handle anything by ourselves?

We would do well to learn from the rock badger. Just as he clings to the rock, we should cling to the Everlasting Rock, Jesus Christ.


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