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Your Life3Are you happy with the script God has written for your life?

This week I was reading Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ devotional book, The Quiet Place. Her words on April 27 have stayed with me all week. I’ve been thinking about her questions and, as a result, have had some sweet, honest, intimate times with the Lord.

She reminded me in this devotion that life doesn’t always go the way I envision it. I don’t always see the happy endings or miracle healings or answers to prayer in the way I had hoped He would answer. Here’s an excerpt from her devotion:

“Sometimes the ways of God in our lives seem inconsistent with what we read in His Word… That’s because we can’t see the whole story – and, we think the story is all about us… But this is God’s story He is writing and unfolding – His grand epic of redemption – and He is calling us to play a bit part, to participate in spreading His glory throughout the whole earth…  Are you willing to play the part He has written for you in His script? Are you willing to be delayed, upset, or inconvenienced for it?”

Ouch! Those words stung when I first read them. I stopped to think how I would have written the script for my life if I were the author:

  • I would be married to a wonderful, godly man and have three beautiful kids, and lots of grandkids – all healthy of course. And no problem children! Instead, God gave me the role of singleness.
  • I would be independently wealthy so that I wouldn’t have to work full time and would have freedom to do things I want to do but have no time to. Instead, because I’m single, I need a full-time job to pay the bills.
  • My mom would have gone home to be with the Lord in her sleep before she lost quality of life. Instead, it’s been painful to watch my mom slowly decline over the past year and a half and lose her ability to communicate or express her thoughts.

I could go on and on with a list of things that I would have put into the script for my life if I were writing it, but you get the idea. I think we’d all rewrite the script while we’re in the middle of something. But one day we’ll understand why God wrote the script for us the way He did, and we wouldn’t change one thing.

As Nancy Leigh DeMoss wrote, “Because when the story has all been told, you will be able to sit back in your heavenly theater seat and see exactly how your one ‘simple’ story line made perfect sense and contributed to the overall plot. You’ll know that He had a deliberate purpose for everything. And you’ll understand that God’s will is exactly what we would choose if we knew what He knows.”

Would I have written a different script for my life had I been the author? Probably yes. But looking back at the script God has written for my life up to now, I realize I wouldn’t change anything. He has used these roles in my life to draw me into a deeper intimacy with Him that I’m not sure I would have experienced had He written it any other way.

How would you want to rewrite God’s script for your life if you could? Can you thank Him for the way He has written out your roles, and can you trust Him that your part is perfect in His bigger story?

Psalm 139:16 – “Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; and in Your book they were all written, the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.”

  1. We’ll said! Thank you for the wonderful reminder of God’s greater plan.

  2. Oops. Sorry about the typo. It should read “well said.” Or perhaps “beautifully written” would be more appropriate.

  3. Sue, Thanks! I have been thinking about this all week, and decided to write my thoughts down. I definitely needed the reminder that God’s plan is perfectly laid out, and my role plays a small part in it. Instead of complaining and wishing things were different, I need to just trust Him and His bigger plan.

  4. I read this devotional in The Quiet Place on April 27th as well and had my own “ouch moment”. It was a great reminder that He has a sovereign plan (script) for my life, and I need to trust Him with all my heart and not lean on my own understanding. I know “in my head” that He has a sovereign plan, but when the hard things in life come, you have to search your heart to see if you really believe in your heart what you know to be true “in your head”. I was prompted by Nancy’s devotional to go before His throne and empty my hands from holding on to “my script” and then hold my hands up to Him…open and empty….and then to surrender anew to His perfect script. His script is good, and for my good…..even though I might not feel like it is good. I love the Message version of Psalm 119:68, “You are good, and the Source of good; train me in Your goodness.” My heart’s desire is for “the good” that is a part of His script to be used in my life to train me and change my heart to be more like Jesus (Romans 8:28-29), and that cannot happen if I am clinging to “my script”.

  5. Sabrina, I totally agree – when I read this, I realized that I am not always happy with His script for my life, and it made me step back and renew my confidence in HIs bigger plan for my life. Even this weekend as I was asking God once again why, He reminded me of this devotional. Do I trust HIs bigger story that I can’t see? I needed her devotional this week, and as a result, decided to write the blog post about it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m with you!

  6. Dear Crickett, I love your post. This message is so encouraging. It frees us to give all the “I don[‘t understands” to the One who does! Thank you for your transparency!

  7. Margie, I definitely find myself in situations today when I don’t understand what God is doing, or why He’s doing things a certain way. But I’m learning that He wants me to trust, not fret. Sometimes I’m slow to learn that. Thanks for your comments!

  8. I reread your thoughts in light of the face-to-face meeting with Jesus that three young ladies I know are now experiencing. They are gone from our earthly presence far too soon from my viewpoint, but God…….
    To Him be praise and glory.

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