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Mom would have celebrated her 99th birthday this past Tuesday, but the Lord took her home two months shy of that birthday. I have a feeling she had the best birthday party ever this year. Mom’s life was a life well lived and she made a positive impact in the lives of those who knew her. Thinking about my mom’s life made me do some reflection in my own life this week.

Am I encouraging others – or discouraging them?

Am I pointing others to Jesus – or to myself?

Am I promoting unity – or dissension?

Am I an optimist – or always focusing on the negatives?

Do I refresh others – or drain them?

Do I initiate gossip – or refrain from it?

Do I listen to God – or to the world?

Am I living my life for the Lord – or for me?

Mom would have answered yes to the first part of each of these questions. I firmly believe that when God welcomed my mom HOME on December 19, 2014, He whispered to her, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Well done.”

I found an email this week from one of the pastors of her church in our home town, Plain Dealing. He wrote these words about mom’s life:

I have enjoyed getting to know your mother. She has a legacy of faithful service to our Lord. I had heard about your mother since the first week I was here. Her years of service in missions education is one reason our church has a heart for the lost all over the world. It’s also because of people like her that folks like you and me have a faith today. Her faith is still strong even as she is writing the closing chapter of her earthly life.

She made the most of her almost 99 years on this earth but always kept her focus on her eternal home. Mom, thank you for the legacy you left behind. Happy 99th Birthday!


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