I haven’t adopted children, but last Friday, I adopted two little kittens about eight weeks old. Having them in my life has made me ponder the sweetness of adoption, not only from an earthly perspective, but also from a heavenly perspective. As I look at these two sweet little kitties, it makes me think of my adoption in Christ.

These two little kittens had a hard life before I adopted them. They were within 24 hours of being euthanized before a rescue organization pulled them out of the animal shelter and placed them in a foster home until they could find a permanent home. They had no hope apart from being adopted. In the same way, life apart from God is hard and we have no hope without Him. Thankfully, He adopted me and gave me hope for a future with Him eternally.

As I’ve spent time with these kittens, I have grown to love them. I have told them I will love them till the day I hold them in my arms and they take their last breath (and even after that). I will treat them with kindness and goodness and give them special treats from time to time. I hope that they will grow to love me the more they get to know my love for them.

But I also realize there will be times I will have to allow painful things to be done to them, like shots and surgeries. I’ll have to tell them “NO!” to something they desperately want to get into. They will not understand my actions and will question my love for them in those times.

But I know the bigger picture. It’s not good to let them play with the cords on the blinds because they could choke themselves. They don’t see the danger of chewing electric cords – they just see how much fun it is to play.

God has reminded me this week of how that’s a picture of His relationship with me. I want to do things and God says no; and I don’t understand why He’s withholding something “good” from me. Or I don’t understand why He’s allowing me to go through something painful. I question His love for me. But, He can see the bigger picture. And what seems painful and unloving is for my good. He knows what’s best for me, just like I know what’s best for my adopted kittens.

As I look at Hannah and Hobson, I am reminded of my adoption in Christ and it makes me so thankful for my Father who loves me and cares for me far more than I love my kitties.

“In love, He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will…” (Ephesians 1:5).

I’m thankful for adoption!


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