If I could be anything other than a human, I’d love to be a cat. I live with two cats, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that cats have mastered the art of rest. My cats leisurely walk over to eat from their bowls. When they’re satisfied, they find a comfortable spot where they can lie down to rest. They may play for a while, but then return to a cozy spot to rest a little more.

Hannah and Hobson don’t worry about food, shelter, or what fur they’re going to wear the next day — they just rest because they’re secure in my care and love for them. When they sit beside me purring, I know they’re at rest, regardless of what’s going on around them. My cats have mastered rest. I, on the other hand, have not.

Is it even possible to find rest when life seems to get busier every day and the demands keep piling up? How can we find rest when we are overwhelmed with difficult circumstances out of our control that drain us emotionally, mentally, and physically?

As I talk with people, I hear a recurring theme: “I’m worn out. I need rest.” It seems we’re all running on empty and in danger of burning out. Surely, that’s not God’s plan for our lives.

So I began to search God’s Word to see what God says about rest. As a result, I wrote a Bible study on rest for the women at my church. Rest is for our good. We need it, but why aren’t we able to embrace this gift?

The Gift of RestPerhaps, as you begin this new year, you are in need of rest. Why not take some time to see what God says about rest and why it’s important? The Bible study The Gift of Rest is available on Amazon.

As you begin this new year, come away to a quiet place. Be still before the One who gives rest. Slow down, listen, and enjoy life the way He intended. Embrace the gift of rest.


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