Several weeks ago, I opened my shutters one morning and was shocked to discover an uninvited family camping in my backyard. I was intrigued by this small mother who was carrying all of her new babies on her back. This family was a family of opossums.

I guess I never realized the method that the momma opossum uses to carry her babies, but it was mesmerizing to watch her. I felt compassion for her and wanted to help her, but wasn’t sure what I could do or if my actions would cause fear and anxiety (for both of us). So I decided to just watch them from inside.

As I watched her carry her five little ones alongside my fence from one end of my yard to the other and back, I thought of some spiritual lessons from this.

1. Just as the little ones had to cling to the back of their mother for safety, so we have to cling to our Father for safety and security. If we let go, we put ourselves in precarious situations.

2. She moved at just the right speed for them. She knew how fast she could move without them falling off. God knows how much we can take and how fast He can move us through situations without completely overwhelming us.

3. They were probably too young and weak to walk on their own, so she carried them. When we’re too weak and frail to move forward on our own strength, God carries us.

4. I have a feeling if I had approached this momma with her babies, she might have attacked me, with the intent to protect her little ones. In the same way, God is a protective Father who wants to keep us from danger and the evil one. He puts a shield around us and protects us.

5. If one of the babies fell off her back, I’m pretty sure she would have stopped and picked up the baby and put her safely back in her spot. The momma wouldn’t have abandoned her or left her. God doesn’t abandon us when we “fall off” and move away from His protection and guidance. He is always trying to pull us back into His care and safety.

I haven’t seen the momma opossum and her babies since, but that picture has stayed in my mind – a good picture of my Father taking care of me.

In what ways have you seen your loving Father take care of you this week?

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