I just returned from a trip to Israel. What an incredible time of studying and walking through the land where our Savior walked. God taught me much during the days in Israel, and I’m still processing everything.

One morning we went to Masada, and several in our group wanted to hike to the top. I went back and forth – should I attempt it or not? Finally, I decided to go for it. About 15 minutes into the hour-long hike, I decided I wasn’t going to make it. The climb was steep, the sun was beating down on us, and I knew that the path was only going to get harder and steeper. Not wanting to hold up the group, I decided to turn around and head back down. I joined the rest of our group and took the gondola to the top.

Some may say, you failed. But I look at it differently. I tried. I stepped out in that direction, and the Lord redirected me. If I hadn’t tried, I would have always looked back at that day and wondered what if. Would I have made it if I tried? Would I have missed the experience of getting to the top? Because I stepped out and tried (even though I didn’t make it to the top), I have no regrets. I would have had regrets had I not tried.

One member of the hiking group got sick on the way up and it took longer for her to get to the top, but she made it. Sometimes, God wants us to keep going, even though the path is hard. Other times, He just wants us to step out and try, and then He redirects us because it’s not the best path for us.

We cheered on those who made it to the top as they ascended – exhausted, but fulfilled. The group cheered me on as I returned to the base, exhausted but fulfilled in a different way.

How often do we choose to not even step out to try something because of fear of failure? How often do we convince ourselves it’s too hard, or I’ll never be able to do it? So we don’t even try. And we’ll never know what would had happened if we had just tried.

Is there a path God wants you to take that you’re hesitant to step out in because you’re afraid you’ll fail? Don’t let fear hold you back from trying.

I’m glad I tried hiking Masada. No, I didn’t make it to the top. But I have no regrets because I tried.

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