You’re a Mess!

You’re a Mess!

“What’s wrong with you??? You’re a mess!”

Those words came out of my mouth in frustration this past Tuesday morning. No, I wasn’t speaking to a child or to myself. I was talking to my sweet cat Hobson. In the midst of trying to have some quiet time with the Lord that morning, Hobson was a definite distraction.

He was chewing the cord on the lamp. I unplugged the lamp.

He tried to put his paw into the electric socket. I put a book on top of the socket in the floor to keep him from electrocuting himself.

He pushed the book aside and proceeded to stick his paw in the socket again. I put a heavier book on top, and finally he gave up and tried chewing the cord again. I wrapped the cord up.

Now, maybe I’ll get some quiet time, or so I thought.

He decided to move to the side table by my chair and began pushing everything off the table onto the floor. I finally stopped, looked at him, and said, “HOBSON! What is wrong with you??? You are a MESS!”

And then it hit me: I’m a mess, too. And God watches me make a mess, and He tries to protect me and redirect me, for my good. I’m sure there must be times He looks at me and says, “Crickett, what’s wrong with you? You’re a mess!” And yet, He loves me unconditionally.

To be honest, we’re all a mess without Jesus. And God sent His Son to die for us and to clean up our messes. I can’t really do anything to change Hobson except scold him or put him in “time-out.” But God can change us and clean up our messes through the Holy Spirit who indwells us.

I am so thankful that He is working on me and in me daily.

As Paul said in Romans 7:24-25: “Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

  1. Oh, my goodness! Yes, I too, am a mess much of the times! Wonderful visual!

  2. Oh, and I could have used so many other pictures that shows his mischief! But, God used Him this week to remind me of some good spiritual reminders. Love you, friend!

  3. Hobson sounds a lot like Wilbur! Great post, Crickett. I really needed that today because I’ve been feeling like a mess here lately. I thank God that He is patient and faithful toward me…that His mercies are new each day.

  4. Surely, Wilbur isn’t nearly as bad as Hobson. Glad it came at a good time for you. It was a good lesson for me this week.

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