God’s Path or Mine?

God's Path or Mine?


I’ve been re-reading a thought-provoking book: Seeking the Face of God by Gary L. Thomas. One section particularly spoke to me this week that focuses on our calling. This was perfect timing because I’ve been praying for wisdom concerning where God wants me to invest my time and gifts in light of His calling.

In one chapter, Thomas addresses humility and the dangers of pride. He made a powerful statement:

“Pride can turn us against our own purpose in life by filling us with ambitious yearnings that cause us to neglect our true call for today.” (p. 140).

To be honest, I have dreams and aspirations that I’d love to see fulfilled. But I don’t want to pursue MY dreams if they’re not HIS plan for my life. If these things are not His purpose for me, then I don’t want to invest my time pouring into something that would take me away from doing what He has called me to do today (and in the future).

He goes on to quote Francis de Sale:

“The enemy often suggests a great desire of things that are absent, and which shall never occur, so that he may divert our mind from present objects …”

A convicting statement. Am I desiring and working for things that are never going to happen, and allowing those efforts to divert my attention from the present task He has given me to do?

I’ve been mulling over these thoughts all week and asking these questions:

  • Am I giving myself wholeheartedly to what God has called me to do today, right where I am?
  • Or am I focused so much on something I want to be doing that I’m living in the future instead of in the present?
  • Am I neglecting something God has called me to today because I want something more?
  • Can I be content with God’s plan for my future, even if it doesn’t match up with my plans?
  • Am I willing to lay my dreams on the altar and let Him lead me down His path?

If I’m not willing to do that, I will be disappointed every time God doesn’t give me what I want. If I’ve put my dreams on the altar and taken my hands off, I can trust every step He chooses for me.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to leave Dallas and move to Memphis ten years ago. I thought staying in Dallas should have been God’s perfect plan for my life. Boy, was I wrong! God knew what He was doing, and He brought me to a job and ministry that is the perfect fit for me. He knows what’s best! I’m so glad I didn’t dig in my heels and stay put just because I thought that was the best plan. I had to let go and trust His calling. I’ve never looked back.

Perhaps you’re questioning what God is calling you to today. Can you trust His hand to lead you down His best path?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

  1. Great reminder. It’s easy to miss our enjoyment of what’s present because we’re chasing those distant hopes. I think God gives us dreams, but we also need to be rooted and available for what God is doing right now in this moment–and as you said, be content if God’s plans don’t match up with our own.

  2. Leigh, well said! Sometimes it’s hard to balance our pursuit of our dreams with His calling for today. Still learning! Thanks for sharing!

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