I don’t enjoy making decisions. Sometimes I can’t even decide which brand of yogurt I want to buy for the week. Decisions like that aren’t critical, but they’re still not easy for me.

Some decisions are major. Do I take this job? Do I marry this person? Do I buy this house, or that one? How do I know God’s will for me?

When I have to make a major decision, I like to use a seven-step process to guide me. Several years ago, I was considering the possibility of changing jobs and moving, but as I walked through these seven steps, God made it very clear that I needed to stay put. It was the right decision, and I’ve never looked back.

Maybe you’re facing a major decision in your life today. Let these steps guide you in the process.

1. What is the decision you’re facing?

2. What factors from God’s Word affect this decision?

What are some commands or warnings in God’s Word that would influence your decision?

3. Look at all the options.

Write out the choices you are considering. Then for each option, list the pros and cons. If you have a long list of pros and very few cons, that’s a good indicator that this is a good direction to move toward. If there is a long list of cons, I’d be careful.

4. Are there any circumstances that are directing you one way or another?

5. What counsel are you getting from other Christians who know you well?

6. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I putting God’s desire ahead of my own, or vice versa?
  • Will it help me love God and others more? In what way?
  • Will I be using my SHAPE (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, life experiences)? How?
  • Will it glorify God? How?

7. Is there an inner peace after you’ve made the decision (Philippians 4:6-7)?

Step out and make a decision. Ask for God’s confirmation and peace. If it doesn’t come, ask Him to redirect you.

I still don’t like making decisions, but these steps have helped me walk through the process.

I’d love to hear from you. What helps you make those major decisions in life?

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