An Unexpected Surprise

An Unexpected Surprise

I came home today to something totally unexpected.

As usual, I stopped by the mailbox as I pulled into my driveway. There was a letter in the mailbox that puzzled me. It was hand-addressed to Janene Keeth, and I thought, well, it’s not from anyone in my church because they all call me Crickett.

There was no return address on the envelope – only a Memphis postmark. My address was printed in all caps, and I couldn’t tell if it was written by a man or a woman.

My first thought was it was some cleverly addressed invitation to come hear about financial planning or a retirement seminar, which I often get with a pseudo hand-written address. So, I put it aside when I first got home. Later, I picked it up and opened it, and what I saw brought tears to my eyes.

Inside was a card, with nothing written on it. But money was sticking out from the ends of the card. My jaw dropped, my heart started beating a little faster, and I began counting – $20, 40, 60 – until I reached $250.

I was speechless. What do you say when you open an anonymous envelope filled with money? All I could do was bow my head and thank God for this unexpected blessing. And I thanked Him for the person who did this.

I have no idea who this gift is from, but God does. And I pray He blesses them abundantly in return for their generous heart.

The timing of this gift was perfect. I drove home exhausted today from the busyness of the week(s) and feeling pulled in so many directions. This anonymous envelope of money brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart. It was a sweet reminder that God knows what’s going on in my life. He cares. He provides. He loves me.

 “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights …” (James 1:17)

I bow before Him and give thanks.

How has God sent unexpected surprises your way? I’d love to hear!

  1. What a lovely gift, Crickett! Few things bless us more than God’s surprise gifts. His timing, His ways, His intimate attention to our needs. No bow could wrap around a gift this size. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Thanks, Cathy! You’re so right – God’s surprise gifts are the sweetest! I needed that this week. I even told God when I got home, “I’m not writing a blog post this week. I have nothing to say.” Then, I opened the letter. 🙂

  3. Wow! You know what I was thinking? How I’d love to have the feeling the sender of the gift must have had when he/she dropped that envelope in the mail box. After a day or two, they must of smiled knowing you most certainly had received it and were smiling too!

    May the Lord bless their sweet soul and yours too, Cricket. You impacted their life enough for them to send the gift in the first place. Or possibly, could it be they were being faithful to the Holy Spirit who put it upon their heart?
    Whatever the reason, I’m smiling now!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Beckie, I’d love to know someday who sent this, but I picture them smiling too as they dropped the letter in the mailbox. It was just what I needed from the Lord yesterday.

  4. Thank you for sharing this gift with us, too, by writing about it! God loves us so much!

    • He sure does, Heather. I love it when he shows us in ways we never imagined. Little surprises are the best!

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