Are you planning a trip to the beach this year?

Would you like to head home from your beach vacation with more than sandy particles in your sandals? Do you long to engage the presence of God in fresh, creative ways even while basking in the sun?

If so, I want to let you know about a book you don’t want to leave home without — Pauses for the Vacationing Soul  written by my friend Cathy Baker. I’ve had a sneak peek and love it!

Cathy shares more about the book:

Pauses for the Vacationing Soul is a one-week devotion guide specifically designed for your beach vacation, whether you’re escaping to the beach alone (lucky you!), enjoying a weekend  getaway with the girlfriends, or sharing your vacation with the entire family… This book represents three years of questions, doubt, fleece-throwing, putting-it-off-till-perfect kind of excuses. And yet, this book also reflects those times I leaned hard into God’s goodness, invited His ‘with-ness’ into the process, and listened well with imperfect but willing ears. And so the story begins… Once upon a time, the idea of creating a devotion guide for beach vacations sparked while sitting beneath an umbrella in Garden City, SC.”

Through this short devotional book, Cathy encourages us to embrace all God has for our vacation by focusing on Him through what we see, taste, smell, touch, and hear.

I love my time at the beach, and I plan on taking this one-week devotion guide with me this summer. I encourage you to do the same! You can download Pauses for the Vacationing Soul from Amazon for 99 cents, beginning Tuesday, May 2, or preorder today.

Make your beach vacation a time of sweet fellowship with God. Sit down with a glass of sweet tea, your Bible, and Pauses for the Vacationing Soul.

Thank you, Cathy Baker, for this book!

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