I’ve been watching the Hallmark Christmas movies over the past few weeks for the first time ever. A friend told me about one she thought I’d enjoy. And once I started, I was hooked.

Yes, they’re predictable. We know how they’re going to end. We even know the twists that are coming. But, I still enjoy them. They make me smile, and there are a few that have made me cry. I’m a little sad they’re coming to an end as we close out the year.

One of my seminary professors challenged us to watch movies looking for spiritual principles. Once I started doing that, I’ve never watched movies the same way. So, as we bring 2017 to a close, I want to share a few spiritual principles I’ve gleaned from watching the Hallmark movies this month. Enjoy!

  1. Be careful what you ask for.

    You might think you want it, but once that dream comes true, you realize it’s not what you want after all, or it might not be best for you. I can think of numerous things I have prayed for, only to get a no from God. But, later, I saw how God clearly protected me from a bad situation by saying no. Or He gave me something much better. Be careful what you wish (ask) for.

  2. Be content with where God has you.

    Don’t compare and long for someone else’s life. It may look good from a distance, but, in reality, there’s no perfect life. God has you where He has you for a purpose, and we don’t always understand why till later (or until we see Him face to face). We may lose a job or not get the job we wanted or the spouse we wanted, but God is in control. He has a purpose for all things.

  3. Seek fulfillment and satisfaction in the right place.

    In most of these movies, the characters are seeking fulfillment and satisfaction in a job or career. But they later come to realize fulfillment doesn’t come from those things. Even though the movies never point out that God is the source of fulfillment and lasting satisfaction, the principle still stands. As believers, we know God is our source of fulfillment, but we oftentimes are tempted to look elsewhere.

  4. Take your desires to God (not Santa).

    In many of these movies, people wished for something and often would tell Santa their wishes, hoping he would fulfill them. But, we have Someone better to take our desires to – someone who truly knows the big picture and what we really need. Instead of making a Christmas wish to Santa, we should give our desires daily to God. We can come before Him every day all day and pour out our hearts. And He will answer in His timing, in His way, and according to what He knows is best for us.

  5. God often works in ways we least expect.

    We may face a detour, a delay, or a failure. But, don’t lose heart. God is at work in all things. Those detours or delays or failures may be the very thing God uses to show us His blessing, and we would have missed it without the interruptions and disappointments.

I’ve enjoyed these movies, but most of all, I’ve enjoyed thinking about the spiritual principles found in each one. What spiritual principles have you gleaned from the Christmas Hallmark movies this year? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy New Year!

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