Handling the Busy Seasons of Life

Handling the Busy Seasons of Life

Does anyone else feel like they’re spinning plates in the air, trying to keep them all going at the same time? That’s how I would describe what I’m feeling these days. Life is busy, and I feel stretched and pulled in many directions. My fear is that all the plates will come crashing down because I can’t keep them going much longer.

How do we get to that place? How do we get so busy that we are exhausted from running non-stop and depleted from the constant doing and not taking time to rest?

This week as I journaled in my quiet time one morning, I wrote:“I need You, Lord. I am completely overwhelmed by the number of things on my plate, and I don’t know how I can get them all done and done well.”

Thinking it would help, I listed every task that was looming over me, but that only made it worse as I saw how long the list is. After pouring out my heart to the Lord, He strengthened me through His Word.

1 Thessalonians 5:24:Faithful is He who called you, and He will bring it to pass.”

Psalm 142:3: “When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, You knew my path.”

Psalm 138:8: “The Lord will accomplish what concerns me.”

2 Corinthians 12:9: “And He has said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.’”

I needed to be reminded of these truths. God will make us adequate for what He has called us to do. But, we need to make sure we’re not taking on more than He intended.

Most of us struggle with busyness, whether we’re a young mom, a grandparent, a working woman, a retiree . . . It seems life just gets faster every day, and we’re running all the time. That’s why a few years ago, I wrote a Bible study called The Gift of Rest. I need to go through that study again and remind myself of God’s perspective on rest.

I’ve also been reading Edie Melson’s new devotional book, Soul Care: When You’re Weary, and it’s  just what I need at this time. (It’s as if Edie has read my journal.)

How do you handle these busy seasons of life, when you’re spinning several plates in the air? How do you slow down? How does God show you when you’re taking on too much?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

  1. This resting is so hard. Busyness is like a drug to dull pain and boredom, but stopping does not work well either. Many of the responsibilities of my life that I face are God’s calling for me to partner in servicing God by serving others. However, the discerning to know what is truly God’s calling from what is my own ego or need to please others gets muddy so easily.

    Thank you for once again redirecting me to be still and know that He is God. I serve him. I love him, but those are no substitute for being with God. Allowing Him to love me and pausing to love him. That communion of spirit to spirit that He desires of his, of me, can get push aside.

    If my husband treated me the way I often treat God. I would be MAD. I told my husband last night that we need some time just looking into each others eyes. If we are not intentional, days and even a week will go by that we have not really looked into each other’s eyes. That connection is important for a healthy intimate relation with my husband. If I want an intimate relationship with God, slowing down to become more focused on looking into his face and into his eyes are a must.

    Thanks Cricket!

  2. Vickie, you’re right – the resting is hard. I love the analogy about the husband and wife needing intentional time to look in each other’s eyes – the same with the Lord. Thanks for sharing!

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