It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Decorations are up, Christmas music is being played on radio stations, the traffic around the malls has doubled, and many are preparing to travel to be with families over the holiday. I love this time of year as we celebrate the birthday of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

But, sometimes I can get so busy with doing and running around that I don’t slow down and reflect on the joy of Christmas and why we celebrate. I was convicted of that this past Monday. Maybe you’re feeling the same way. So, I want to give you (and me) a question to ponder.

What gift will you give Jesus this Christmas?

We give gifts to friends and family at Christmas, and we make our lists of what we want.  (I received long lists from my great-nieces and great-nephews.)

But it’s Jesus’ birthday that we celebrate. Have you ever asked Jesus what He wants? What would be #1 on His list that He would want from you this Christmas? What gift would He treasure? What would make Him smile and give Him great satisfaction?

A few things He might put on His list are:

Our time

He longs for time alone with us. We tend to get so busy and distracted in this season that time alone with Him often gets pushed aside.

An area we’ve been holding onto

Perhaps there’s an area of our lives that we’re holding in our tightly clenched fist, and we’re not ready to hand it over to Him. What a precious gift it would be to Him to have us open our hand and release that area to Him.

An undivided heart

A wholehearted devotion to Him and a willingness to say, “Yes, Lord. I will do whatever it is you’re asking of  me. I’m all yours.”

Let’s start a new tradition this Christmas. Put a simple white box under the tree to remind us of the greatest gift of all—the gift of Jesus.

Then wrap another box, with a tag on the outside that says, “To Jesus, With love from me.”  Put a note inside on which you’ve written what you are giving to Jesus for His birthday.

What gift will you give to the One who has given the greatest gift of all—Himself?

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday, Jesus.

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