Last night my cat Hannah got herself into a challenging predicament and panicked.

She jumped on the top of the TV armoire in my den, which almost reaches the ceiling. She had watched Hobson (my other cat) jump up there many times, and I’m sure she thought it would be fun. So, she got into position and gave it all she had to launch herself off the arm of the sofa and land safely on top of the armoire.

For a few minutes, she seemed to enjoy the view from the top. But when she was ready to come down, she wasn’t sure what to do. She would come to the edge and try to muster the courage to jump down, only to back up in fear. She kept trying to convince herself she could do it, but fear overtook her each time. The sound of a pitiful meow signaled to me it was time to get involved in this rescue.

I climbed up on the arm of the sofa to try to reach her and bring her to safety. But to my surprise, instead of welcoming my help, she backed away and hunched up her body, trying to appear like a roaring lion! She was afraid of me and obviously thought I was going to hurt her. But I was only trying to pick her up and take her to safety.

She wouldn’t let me touch her, so I backed away and tried coaxing her down. “Trust me, Hannah. I’m just trying to help you. Jump! I’ll make sure you land on the couch. You’ll be ok.”

But she still didn’t trust me. I backed away and watched from afar. She kept tentatively stepping to the edge, then backing up, then repeating her steps. Finally, she jumped off the top of the armoire with fear in her eyes and bounced onto the sofa, thankfully avoiding any injuries. It would have been so much easier for her if she had just let me pick her up and carry her down. “Hannah, I wish you could understand just how much I love you!”

God used this situation last night to convict me. When I’m fearful, I sometimes respond to God just like Hannah responded to me.

God wants me to know that He loves me and everything He does is for my good. But I sometimes question His love when life gets difficult.

He wants to help me, but I don’t always trust His hand.

He knows the best solution and path to take, but I don’t always trust His way because it requires walking by faith. So, I resist and try to handle things my way and in my own strength.

Just as I long for Hannah to trust me and know I love her and want what’s best for her, God wants me to trust Him and rest securely in His love.

I want to be able to say as David did in Psalm 56:3, “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.”

Is there something that’s overwhelming you today, causing fear and anxiety? Write it down, and then below it, write out Psalm 56:3–4.

What helps you trust God when you’re in a hard situation?


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