How are you looking at this upcoming year? With excitement about what God might do? With some apprehension about the unknown? With confusion as to the “next step” in your life? All of the above?

One of the things I like to do at the end of the year and on New Year’s Day is to read back through my journals for the previous year and see all that God did. It reminds me of the challenging times and how God walked me through them, and it reminds me of the many blessings He brought into my life. I write down things I’m praying for, and sometimes, I get to mark those prayers as “Yes!” But some are left without an answer yet. I look forward to seeing what God is going to do in the coming year.

Many take this time to choose a word or verse for the year, but I haven’t quite settled on a word for this year yet. The two words that keep coming to mind are “focus” and “pause.”

I think of the word “focus” because I feel so distracted and unfocused. I need to sit down and ask God to help me focus on the main thing(s) He wants me to be about this year and put aside the distractions.

The word “pause” comes to mind because I feel the need to slow down and enjoy the moments instead of rushing through the day trying to finish all the tasks on my to-do list.

Another word is “stillness”—learning the art of being still instead of always in motion. For it’s in those still times that I’m able to draw near to God and listen.

Whether I choose a word or not this year, I know what I need to work on in order to deepen my relationship with God. I need to focus on what He wants me to be about instead of trying to do everything and things He never intended for me to do. I need to slow down and enjoy Him—being with Him instead of just doing for Him.

What about you? What does God want you to focus on this year? Do you have a word? I’d love to hear what God is showing you and what you’d like to see Him do in your life this year. (You can comment below if you’re on my website; if you received this in your email, just click on the title to go to my website and leave a comment.) I’d like to pray for you in regards to how you want to see God work in your life this year.

We don’t know what’s ahead for us; but God does. He will guide us step by step in the bigger picture.

Happy New Year!

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