As we approach Easter weekend, I wonder what the disciples must have felt on the day Jesus was crucified. I put myself in their places this morning, imagining the emotions and thoughts I would be experiencing had I been there when Jesus took His last breath on the cross.

Would I have been overwhelmed with thanksgiving and hope in light of what His death would bring? Or would I have been feeling just the opposite?

  • Disappointment
  • Doubt—Were You really who You said You were?
  • Questioning God—why?
  • Fear of the future without Him
  • Perhaps even anger

It was a dark day, but the darkness wouldn’t last forever. The darkness was necessary for the joy to come three days later.

If the Crucifixion hadn’t happened, we’d have no hope for the future. This life would be all there is, and as good as it gets. The Crucifixion wasn’t the ending; it was just the beginning.

As we find ourselves in dark times, overwhelming situations in which we see no hope, remember the significance of Easter. Because of the death and Resurrection of Jesus, we have hope. No matter how hard life is on this earth, there will be a day when we will no longer remember the pain and suffering. We will be in the presence of the One who went through pain and suffering to give us eternal life.

I was by my mom’s side the morning she took her last breath on this earth and stepped into her Savior’s presence. Her last year was a season of darkness as I watched her decline and suffer. I frequently asked God why, and I questioned what He was doing. But when mom took her last breath, I knew she was free from this suffering and experiencing life beyond anything I could imagine here on this earth—all because of that dark day on Calvary and the Resurrection three days later.

I can’t imagine living life without the hope that Jesus died to give us. May we rejoice this weekend as we ponder all that Jesus did for us and what that means for each of us personally.

I’d love to hear from you. What is your favorite Easter song? Please share in the comments below.

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