One of the things I love about my job as the Women’s Ministry Director is writing the Bible studies for my women. Here are a few that are available for personal Bible study or with a small group or larger ministry.

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Are you worn out and in need of rest?

It seems we’re all running on empty, in danger of burning out. Surely, that’s not God’s plan for our lives. Is it possible to find rest in these times when life seems to get busier day by day and the demands of life increase by the minute? Is rest feasible when we’re overwhelmed with difficult circumstances out of our control that exhaust us emotionally, mentally, and physically?

The Gift of Rest addresses these questions and looks at God’s perspective of rest from Genesis through Revelation. As you study the Scriptures, you will find permission to slow down and freedom to embrace the gift of rest.

If Jesus were to write a letter to you today, what would He say?

What would He commend you for? What would He be disappointed with? What exhortation would He give? Would He be pleased with how you’re living your life?

Sumatra with the Seven Churches takes an in-depth look at the letters Jesus sent to the seven churches of Revelation. As you study these letters, you will come away with lessons for life today as you see what pleases God, what disappoints Him, and how He wants His people to live in all ages.

Do you long to grow deeper in your relationship with God?

Are you struggling with understanding God’s character in the midst of hard circumstances? Do you want to know more about Him?

The Cry of My Heart is a nine-week study of the names of God designed to take you on a journey toward knowing God in a deeper way. By exploring twelve of the names by which God makes Himself known, you will get to know Him more intimately as you embrace His character through each name.

Do you feel inadequate or discouraged because of a past failure?

Perhaps you feel that God could never use you because you’ve failed. Moses wasn’t perfect either. He struggled with self-confidence, anger, discouragement, a sense of inadequacy after failure – the same things we struggle with today. He even committed murder. But God used Moses in spite of his weaknesses and sins. Can God use us today, even though we’re imperfect and inadequate? Yes!

A Journey of Faith: A Study on the Life of Moses gives us a great example of how God works through imperfect, ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His glory. You will find hope in your own journey of faith as you see how God worked in and through Moses, even in his failures.

You can also download this study in a Word document for free from the website.

Do you find it hard to walk by faith?

Do you wish God would write out the blueprint for your life and show you what’s ahead? To be honest, it’s much easier to walk by sight than have to trust God for things we can’t see. Yet, God wants us to trust Him in the midst of all circumstances and walk by faith, not by sight. He often does His greatest work in us during those times we have to trust Him from corner to corner.

By Faith Alone guides you through the examples of men and women who walked by faith and are highlighted in Hebrews 11. Walking by faith isn’t necessarily easy, but they did it, and so can we!

You can also download this study in a Word document for free from the website.

Do you want to disciple someone but don’t know where to begin? 

Or perhaps you’ve never been discipled and desire to have a solid foundation in your faith. You may feel inadequate to disciple someone because you don’t know what that looks like.

Building Your Spiritual Toolbox equips you to build into the lives of others through discipleship, as well as giving you a solid foundation in your own walk with God.

Book 1 lays the foundation for the Christian life – assurance of salvation, assurance of forgiveness, etc.

Book 2 builds on that foundation and helps you in personal development and growth in the Christian life – managing your time, developing a personal mission statement, making wise decisions, etc.

Book 3
equips you to answer some of the tough questions that come up about Christianity and the Bible.


“I love any Bible study by Crickett Keeth. I can always count on her work to be sound doctrinally, true to the text, and applicable to my life. Her Bible studies have long been my favorites, with their emphasis on digging into the text and applying it where readers live.”

—Sandra Glahn, author of The Coffee Cup Bible Study Series (AMG)

The Cry of My Heart by Crickett Keeth is one of my top five favorites. Written for the woman on the go and the woman who wants to go deeper, her writing style and format are the perfect combination for small group study and discussion as well as a personal study guide.”

—Julie Seay, First Evangelical Church, Memphis, TN

The Gift of Rest by Crickett Keeth thoroughly explores the varied aspects of God’s mandated rest in an eight-week, discovery-style, application-oriented Bible study. This study will persuade women to reject today’s typical destructive life pace and trade it in for a productive, healthy, all-in, Christ-centered lifestyle instead.”

—Dr. Sue Edwards, Author of The Discover Together Bible Study Series and co-author of Organic Mentoring           

The Gift of Rest is the kind of study I look for as a small-group leader. Crickett Keeth presents sound doctrine in a user-friendly format that enriched my personal understanding of resting in the Father’s love.

—Jim Davis, author of Why Me? (And Why that’s the Wrong Question)

“The Gift of Rest is simple to follow, yet full of rich, biblical teaching. Crickett Keeth points readers to Scripture so they can discover for themselves why rest is important and then develop an action plan to implement it in their busy lives. An excellent resource for personal use or in a small group.”

—Sue Hume, Women’s Ministry Leader, Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“Crickett Keeth is not only a great teacher and encourager for those who want to disciple and mentor others, but she can separate and simplify lessons and notes to be “user” friendly for everyone. So grateful to have this “toolbox” to go with my own notes from her past classes.”

—Dotsy Liles, Bible study leader and Bible teacher, Memphis

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