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How to Minimize Stress in Your Life

Are you feeling stressed about something today? We live in a stress-filled world. And to be honest, the stresses of life aren’t going away any time soon, if at all. Your stress may be a result of something at home, a health issue, a relationship, work, or a ministry situation. Some days the stress seems unbearable. It’s in these times of stress that the name, Yahweh Rohi (God my Shepherd) is so special to us.

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Rest: How?

How do we rest when our lives are maxed out with to-do lists and circumstances of life, and we’re pressed from all sides? In my last post, Rest: What is That?, I shared three reasons why people don’t rest. We need rest, but we struggle with incorporating it into our busy schedules. So what’s the solution? REST. R – Reorder your priorities. Ask God to show you His priorities for you. What is most important

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