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Are You “Belly Up” With God?

Are You "Belly Up" With God?

Last week I woke up and saw something that brought a smile to my face. My sweet kitten Hannah was lying next to me on the bed belly up. I’ve heard that when a cat exposes her belly, it means she trusts you and has no fear. It has taken a while for Hannah to get there, so this was a sweet moment. Then I thought about how that parallels my relationship with God. He

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Why, God?

We’ve probably all asked God “why” questions. Questions like: God, why did you take my baby? Why did this tragic accident happen to such good people? Why do you let people die in the prime of their lives? Why do you let this person will no quality of life linger on? Why did my loved one get diagnosed with this disease? God, why? I have asked my share of “why” questions, even as recently as

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