Yesterday we looked at the first level of discipleship – a new believer or someone who has not been grounded in her faith. The goal of this first level is to ground her and give her a foundation for her faith.

The second level of discipleship is a maturing believer who wants to grow deeper in his/her walk with Christ. 

They know the basics, they are grounded, and they want to grow deeper.

The goal: Grow them.

Help them grow toward spiritual maturity.

 In my post, Will You Disciple Me, we looked at a definition of making disciples: “Making disciples” is developing men and women into committed, lifelong learners and followers of Jesus Christ. You are helping them grow toward spiritual maturity through discipleship.

When I disciple women at this level, I ask them what their spiritual needs are and how I can help them develop in a certain area spiritually.

The Method:

I may study a book with her, go through a Bible study together, work through a passage with her, or answer questions she has about the Bible or God’s will or theology. I often take her through worksheets I have developed specifically for an area of growth. Sometimes we spend time discussing her ministry and the challenges she faces.

Some examples of areas we may work on together:

  • Sharing her faith, sharing her testimony, or leading evangelistic Bible studies
  • Learning how to study the Bible and teach
  • Talking through doctrinal issues or tough questions
  • Helping her determine her SHAPE (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality and experiences) and discern where she can serve most effectively in her SHAPE
  • Managing her time and setting realistic goals
  • Dealing with spiritual warfare
  • Making wise decisions
  • Developing her personal mission statement
  • Helping her trace God’s hand through her life story

When I disciple someone at this level, my time with her is usually a balance between going through something structured and spending time talking through issues and questions. I “tailor-make” what I do with her, depending on what her needs are.

In the coming months, I will be sharing some of the things I use with women at this level and will post the resources on the resource page, available for you to download for free.

Question for you: Do you have to have a natural affinity for someone in order to disciple him/her? What are your thoughts?

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