I’m often asked what I do in my quiet times alone with God. I wrote a previous post on one method I sometimes use, Walking Through the Tabernacle. To be honest, I don’t have a set routine because I don’t want it to become mechanical, but I do have certain things that I incorporate into my quiet times each day.

A Devotional Reading

I like to begin by reading from a devotional book. Sometimes I use more than one book. For instance, right now, I am reading from My Utmost for His Highest and Daily with the King. I like to start my time with Him by pondering a statement or thought directed from Scripture to help me direct my focus to Him.

Bible Study

Then I move into Bible study. I prefer to have a structured Bible study to use each day. That way, I’m not just spending time looking for a passage to read. I have a plan and know what I’m going to do each day. (If you’re looking for a study to do, check out the studies on my Bible Study page.)


My time in the Word always prompts me to pray. Sometimes His Word convicts me of sin in my life, and I stop to confess and talk to God about this area. Or His Word moves me to pray for someone that He has put on my heart. His Word shows me things that I need to apply in my own life, and I begin to pray about those things.


I almost always journal. Sometimes I start out journaling, writing out my thoughts, my prayers, my concerns, my praises. Other times, I journal at the end of my quiet time, writing out what God has shown me that morning. Journaling helps me keep a record of what God is doing and how He is working.

There is no one method that fits all. The key is spending time with God each day, and that may look different for each one of us and from day to day. My time alone with Him is where I find strength and direction. Without that time in His Word and prayer, I find myself getting distracted throughout the day. Time alone with God is vital to spiritual growth. Don’t let Satan convince you it’s not.

How do you spend your time alone with God? What is your favorite devotional book? I’d love to hear from you.


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