Why MeWhy me? Probably every one of us has asked this question at some time in our lives. Suffering and pain are part of life and if you haven’t experienced it yet, you will. Situations that might prompt that question would be things like:

When you get that diagnosis you didn’t want to hear

When your spouse has an affair

When you’re facing hurt or rejection from someone

When finances cave in

When a loved one is killed in a tragedy

When life is just not going your way

You could probably add to that list. I know I have asked that question a number of times in the midst of difficult situations. But is that the right question to ask? No.

My friend Jim Davis has just published a book titled, Why Me? And Why That’s the Wrong Question. In this book, Jim addresses suffering and the questions we should be asking. I have had a sneak peak at Jim’s book and loved it. This is a great resource for all believers to have on their bookshelves. Jim walks us through hard times and suffering and how we can allow it to draw us closer to God, not drive us away. When we stop asking why

I highly recommend this book for all Christians, especially those who are in a difficult situation now. You can also use it in a small group. Jim has provided discussion questions at the end for each chapter. You can find Jim’s book at Lifeway and Amazon.com. Learn more about Jim at jimdavisbooks.com.

I interviewed Jim about the book, and next week, I want to share that interview with you. Are you in a difficult season of life? Then this book is for you.

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